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afterschool team

Expertise, sensitivity and charisma are the main characteristics of our team. Together we will create a dynamic, empowering and fun atmosphere. We will make sure your children are having the best time!


Paúl gomex

20+ years of experience in the universe of performing arts. 2K+ performances in 15+ countries. MA in physical theater from Academy Dimitri in Switzerland. Faculty member at MSU Bozeman. Ringleader and founder of 406Cirque. Daddy of a sparking 6yo 🌞

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alan chapin

Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Alan is an artist with a big love for circus and performing arts. His talent with kids is unique and it shows in every interaction, whether it's a class or a performance. His specialties are juggling, clowning, and being glamorous!

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Sally Coffman is the youngest member in our team. She has an extensive background in gymnastics and lots of experience working with children. Her main experience is in acrobatic pole, silks, and pottery!!! Her artist soul combined with her knowledge of acrobatic lines makes of Sally a perfect ingredient for the melting pot that is our team of coaches.

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