. . . A home for Circus and performing arts in Bozeman - Montana.

406Cirque is an initiative for a pole of circus and performing arts in Bozeman, Montana. It's founder’s vision is to provide a home to performing artists coming from any background with any skill level who wish to create something original and different by breaking the boundaries between different artistic disciplines, to create a place for individuals with a desire to jump on a stage and share a moment of joy with everyone around them.

After more than a century, the word Circus has become something that relates to a specific type of activities: trapeze,

(scary) clowns, jugglers, bearded woman, etc. We want to use the word Cirque as a reminder of what circus was once: THE NEW . . . To be able to come up with highly visual, yet poetic and thought provoking performances that can transcend ages and cultures and invite us all to dive into a new sort of collective imaginary, gathering us in this beautiful human thing of getting together around one generous soul who can be vulnerable and mesmerizing at the same time, challenging laws of nature, bringing us all in an ephemeral  journey,

mirroring for us the beauty in the fragility of human kind.

We are inspired by reinventing traditional forms of circus arts, but our vision goes far beyond it: We place the focus on the act of being on stage fully present, of expanding our presence and sharing our passion with the world,

even with our tiny world . . .


406Cirque aims to empower people of all ages to BE on a stage and shine in their own way ! ! ! 

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