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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other question please email us at

​​• Is there any flexibility for drop off and pick up?

Drop off begins at 3.50pm with activities starting at 4:00pm. Pickup at 6:00pm. 

• My kids are excited about trying circus but not sure if we can commit to a full season. Do you take any drop ins?


Yes! Please email to schedule a trial class. 

• My kid is very shy and has never done any juggling or aerial. Do you think the circus program is the right fit for her?

Yes! We believe circus is for everybody. Our goal is to help kids discover their own potential. Our pedagogy is developed through positive reinforcement. There are opportunities for students to work individually, with one-on-one coaching, and with a group of peers. 

​• Do you offer scholarships? How do we apply?

We do not currently offer scholarships for the afterschool program. We can offer a payment plan. Please email for more information. 

​• Why the mixed-age classroom?

 Two of the most important benefits of mixed age learning are reduced competition and increased mentorship. Whether at our afters school program or summer camp, you can often hear our coaches say, "compare yourself to yourself." We teach students how to track their own progress. The mixed-age classroom allows students to mentor each other. 

Do You have a question? Contact us or give us a call! we are happy to assist you!

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