Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other question please email us at or

call Paúl at (406)475-2513. We are happy to assist you.

• Is there any flexibility in terms of drop off or pick up?

- Yes! Drop off begins at 3.45pm with activities starting at 4:00pm and ending at 6:00pm. Pick up goes until  6.15pm.

• My kids are excited about trying it out but not sure if we can commit to a full season. Do you take any drop ins?


- Due the current circumstances, we are not taking any drop ins for the time being. We will notify our community as soon as this policy changes.

• My daughter is very shy and has never done any juggling or aerial. Do you think the circus program is the right fit for her?

- Yes! We believe circus is for everybody. Our goal is to help kids discover their own potential. Our pedagogy is developed through a soft approach and positive reinforcement. In the circus, there is always this instant gratification we get when we succeed in a juggling trick, an acrobatic move or a well performed scene. This, combined with a safe environment of mutual support and friendship, results in the motivation and empowerment of the child.

​• Do you have a contingency plan in case Montana goes back to Shelter in Place?

- In the unlikely event of having to go back to shelter in place orders, we are contemplating the possibility of going to a virtual model. This is a possibility we are currently working on and our intention is to be as prepared as possible for any type of scenario.

For more information about our COVID procedures please check our COVID procedures page.

​• Do you offer scholarships? How do we apply?

- 406Cirque is currently developing a fund for scholarships. We will notify our community as soon as this becomes a concrete reality, as well as for the application process. Please contact Paúl directly in case you are unable to participate due to financial reasons.


Do YOU have a question? Contact us or give us a call! we are happy to assist you!