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From the heart-stopping precision of aerial dancers, to the electrifying energy of acrobatic tumblers, our showcase is a mesmerizing mosaic of skill and artistry, guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat!

JOIN US! as we celebrate the acomplishments of these students after months of hard work.



crawford theater - emerson center for the arts and culture


Special thanks to the Emerson Center -especially to Susan Denson-Guy, Tina Radovich and Dacotah Stordahl- for hosting the circus center for the past 3 years. It's been a total delight to partner with such prestigious cultural institution and be able to call this place our home. Here's to many more years of circus at the Emerson!

TO OUR COACHES: Alannah Petit (trapeze), Karen Dade (silks), Dakotah  Sloan (floor acrobatics), Rachel Sindelar (unicycling), & Paúl Gomex (ringmaster) whose passion and dedication you will see translated into the skills the students will be displaying.

TO THE PARENTS: You are raising extraordinary children. Thanks for backing their interests and being there as they make these special memories. You guys rock!


  1. Seamus & Cordelia - Aerial Silks Duet​

  2. Elise - Juggling

  3. Shivraj - Trapeze

  4. ​Willa - Hammock

  5. Ryan - Flower Sticks

  6. Elin & Sadie - Trapeze Duet

  7. Zianna & Kaya - 2 Hammocks

  8. Unicycle Troupe

  9. Sage - Dance Trapeze

  10. Owen, Lexi & Sarah - 3 Silks

  11. Georgia & Amelia - 2 Silks

  12. Seamus - Double Point Trap

  13. Pyramids! (All Cast)

  14. Willa, Elin, Sadie - Triple Trap

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