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We have compiled some of the most important FAQ's from parents.

If you have any other question please email us at or

call Paúl at (406)475-2513. We are happy to assist you ! ! !

• What's the full schedule? We work all day and half day camp doesn't work for our family.

-although camp activities start at 9 am until 3.30pm, drop off is from 8.30 and pickup is until 4.30 except for fridays since it's half day only

• My kids love 406Cirque but summer is too short and they want to try other camps. Is it possible to do half session only?

- ABSOLUTELY!!! Although the 3+ weeks program is a full immersion that allows your children to dive fully into a journey through different branches of circus arts, we are also well aware that kids want to try different activities this summer. That is why we've decided to open the possibility : Half session is available at $500 per camper

• My daughter is very shy and has never done any juggling or aerial. Do you think circus camp is the right fit for her?

- Before 406Cirque, there were very few -if none- options for kids wanting to explore circus arts in Bozeman. That is our reason to exist. To expand the variety of cultural opportunities for kids and offer a new approach to a physical experience that is non competitive and very empowering. Our goal is to help them see a potential that they might not even see in themselves, and is the power of kids' imagination combined with the potential of a young body, capable to learn quickly when the right teacher is present ;o)

Our pedagogy is developed through a soft approach and permanent positive reinforcement. In the circus, there is always this instant gratification we get when we succeed in a juggling trick, an acrobatic move or a well performed scene. This, combined with a safe environment of mutual support and friendship, results in the motivation and empowerment of the child . . . We want your kids to have the best summer ever!!!

• Do you have enough space for all campers in case of rain? We want to enroll our kids for first session but last summer some camps were not ready for the rainy days in June.

- The camp will be held at Petra Academy and yes: There is LOTS of indoor space there!

• Do you plan to go outside of campus for some days?

- YES! We are well staffed and prepared to host camp activities in different parks in town. For this to happen, all parents will have to give their consent. This was originally an idea from a parent and we think it's cool to give children the opportunity to be in the parks time permitting. The alternative locations where we are planning to spend some sunny days are mainly Bogert Park (between the dome and the tennis courts) and Lindley Park (behind the library). Our plan is to let parents know one week in advance depending on the forecast. We do this for the sake of kids and for their enjoyment. Our main campus has a big outside area but we entertain the possibility to ask parents to drop off and pick up in the locations mentioned above, if it works for everyone.

• Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?

- Due to 406Cirque's present circumstances (it is our first year and we are not established as a non-profit) it is difficult for us to open the possibility for scholarships. As for payment plans, you can give us a call to (406)475-2513 to know more about what we offer to families willing to provide for their kids the 406Cirque experience.

Do YOU have a question? Contact us or give us a call! we are happy to assist you!

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