Covid Procedures

Our community’s safety is our primary concern. 406Cirque will continue to follow its COVID protocols to ensure that we follow the first rule of camp: Safety! 


  • 406Cirque’s follows community youth program COVID-19 protocols & best practices, including temperature checks, face masks, routine sanitization of equipment & physical distancing.


  • Markers on the floor will be used to ensure physical distancing. 


  • All staff and students will wear masks for the duration of the program. Due to high levels of physical activity, students may remove their masks on certain equipment (aerial) when wearing a mask would be unsafe. 


  • Staff will work to maintain physical distance at all times. Staff will never prioritize physical distance over a child’s safety (such as effective spotting). 


  • Every parent will need to have a mask to enter the building for pick up & drop off.

  • In the event that 406Cirque cancels the program due to COVID, refunds will be made.

  • No staff or student may attend 406Cirque’s afterschool program if they have any of the following symptoms:  FEVER, COUGH, SHORTNESS OF BREATH OR DIFFICULTY BREATHING, BODY ACHES, NEW LOSS OF TASTE OR SMELL, SORE THROAT, CONGESTION OR RUNNY NOSE, NAUSEA OR VOMITING, DIARRHEA.


  • If a positive case of COVID-19 is identified, 406Cirque will follow all requirements for reporting participant information to the Gallatin County Health Department. Children who have participated in the same group as the positive case will be contacted by the Health Department and/or 406Cirque.  Individuals may return to class when the Health Department and/or a health professional has notified 406Cirque it is safe for them to do so. 

  • If your child or a family member living in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19, the diagnosis must be provided by your health care provider or Health Department to 406Cirque in writing. 

  • 406Cirque will not release personal information related to a case including student or family name, group of participation, etc. that may lead to personal identification of the individual. You will be contacted by the Health Department if the case directly impacts you due to exposure. 

  • According to the Health Department, the requirements to cancel a class vary depending on the circumstances. 406Cirque will work directly with the Health Department and provide as much notice as possible of a cancellation. 

  • 406Cirque will not cancel classes or provide refunds for cancellations due to third-party exposure.

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