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A Few words about our founder.

The story of Paul Gomex is a story of travels, a story of pursuing dreams, of not knowing the destination but enjoying the ride. It’s the story of someone who is always learning, always reinventing himself without never forgetting what is at the core: an artist soul.
Paul was part of a first generation of circus performers which emerged in Venezuela during the early 2K’s. After some years performing solo and with local troupes as a juggler, acrobat and clown, he decided to make a career out of this passion and pursue a professional formation in Europe. He spend 7 years in Belgium following professional studies in the areas of circus, music and contemporary dance. Later in 2015 he got accepted in the prestigious Academy Dimitri in Switzerland, where he not only got his MA in physical Theater, but also founded the swiss chapter of Clowns without Borders, Marking an important milestone in that country.
After 15 years as a touring artist, life sets an invitation for settling down, and transported by love, he moves to Bozeman-Montana where he started a family. But something was missing in this new life. Something had to be ignited…
It was in the spring of 2018 when, after giving a speech about the power of Laughter and his background working with CWB, he was confronted by a group of artists, teachers and culture workers of the Bozeman area, who compelled him into the developing of a pole for Circus and performing arts in Montana “this town is ready for what you have to offer” . The stars were aligned for something big to start.
…The rest is a story we are all writing together, even you who are reading this lines now.It is the story of 406Cirque.

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